HK singer Charlene Choi’s emotional karaoke performance attracts online comments


    27th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A recent video clip circulating online has captured the attention of netizens, featuring Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi passionately singing a sombre song during a karaoke session. Despite the short duration of the clip, Choi’s heartfelt rendition of Priscilla Chan Wai Han’s song left a lasting impression.

    In the footage, Choi can be seen fully engaged in her performance, pouring her emotions into the song. With her eyes squinted and employing a tearful vocal style, she delivered a soul-stirring rendition. The presence of multiple glasses on the table and her flushed face led some to speculate that the singer, who broke up with Anthony Shek half a year ago, may still be struggling with emotional pain and sought solace through alcohol-fueled karaoke.

    Netizens expressed concern for Choi, questioning whether she was feeling unhappy. Many believed that her powerful delivery showcased her ability as a vocalist, but some remarked that her performance reminded them of her past concert performances. Some individuals advised her to refrain from excessive drinking.