HK singer and host Maria Cordero denies involvement amidst allegations of using JPEX mobile app during dinner

    Maria Cordero

    22nd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In recent days, the virtual asset trading platform JPEX has sparked a major controversy, with over 2,197 victims filing reports, involving a staggering amount of HK$1.37 billion. This has garnered significant attention from all sectors of society. The repercussions of the case are far-reaching, as several celebrities, including Maria Cordero, have been implicated. Allegations arose suggesting that Maria Cordero had collaborated with the controversial cryptocurrency education institution, “CryptoPARD,” and participated in the production of promotional videos, thus linking her to the JPEX case. There were even rumours circulating that the victims of the JPEX scandal were planning to seek revenge against the celebrities listed in the collaboration, including Maria Cordero. However, Maria Corderohas publicly clarified and denied any involvement in the scandal, refuting the claims made against her. She emphasised that the virtual currency she possesses does not belong to the JPEX platform’s JPC Coin, therefore absolving her from any association with the ongoing investigation.

    Last night, Maria Cordero uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel, featuring herself and several friends, dining at a high-end restaurant and indulging in exquisite cuisine. They praised the new menu, expressing their satisfaction with the delectable dishes. However, sharp-eyed netizens noticed what appeared to be the JPEX Wallet mobile application on Maria Cordero’s phone. In one of the shots, the camera captured a glimpse of a phone placed on the table where Maria Cordero was seated, clearly displaying the JPEX Wallet application on the screen. It remains unknown whether the phone belongs to Maria Cordero herself.

    Authorities have reportedly instructed local telecommunications service providers to block access to the JPEX mobile application and website.