HK singer and actor Aaron Kwok takes indoor flying exhibition by storm, wife Moka Fang overcomes respiratory challenges


    3rd April 2024 – (Macao) Hong Kong actor and singer Aaron Kwok recently showcased his extraordinary balance skills in Macao. Accompanied by his wife, Moka Fang, and their two daughters, Chantelle and Charlotte, the celebrity couple seized the opportunity to spend quality family time together by engaging in indoor flying activities. Fang captured the entire experience and shared it online, showering her husband with praise for his exceptional balance and stylish performance, resembling a scene from an action film. After landing with grace, Kwok’s daughters were presented with certificates, leaving them with a sense of achievement and showcasing their remarkable skills, similar to their father.

    Prior to entering the cockpit, Aaron Kwok donned a specially designed outfit and attentively listened to professional instructors’ explanations and guidance. With each flight lasting 45 seconds, Fang revealed that she initially felt calm witnessing the ease with which the instructors took off. However, as she stepped into the arena, she found herself challenged by strong gusts of wind. Overwhelmed, she confessed, “The wind was so strong that it became difficult to adjust my breathing. I was so nervous that I forgot everything the instructor had told me. It was only after the first flight that I realized my posture was incorrect. Throughout the entire process, the legs must be kept straight, but I found myself in a swimming position.” With the instructor’s adjustments, Fang succeeded in flying on her third attempt, describing the experience as reminiscent of a skydiving adventure.