HK singer Aaron Kwok kicks off world tour in Singapore with sold-out concert


    6th June 2023 – (Singapore) HK singer Aaron Kwok, has returned to Singapore for his first solo concert in eight years as part of his world tour. The tour, which began with performances in the United States and Canada, has now moved to the second phase, with Singapore being the first stop. Tickets for the event sold out within minutes of being released, highlighting the immense popularity of the singer and the excitement surrounding his return to the stage.

    The audience was immediately drawn in by his high-energy dance moves and the atmosphere was charged with excitement. The singer continued with a string of classic slow ballads and the crowd couldn’t help but sing along. Kwok even playfully challenged the audience to guess the song names and joined in on the fun, making the concert experience an interactive one.

    Kwok expressed his gratitude towards the Singaporean audience, stating that he missed performing for them and was touched by their warm reception. He commended their politeness and respectfulness, even when waiting for him in the hotel lobby, and thanked them for their unwavering support over the years.

    The entire concert was a showcase of Kwok’s exceptional talent and showmanship. From the opening performance to the thrilling encore, Kwok’s energy and stage presence were unparalleled. His dancing skills were particularly impressive, with his high jumps and smooth moves captivating the audience.

    Kwok took the opportunity to thank his predecessors for their encouragement and support, and promised to give his all in every performance. As the concert drew to a close, he serenaded the audience with “Call of Love,” expressing his appreciation for their support and promising to continue to work hard and deliver the best performances possible.