HK resident who migrated overseas says he loses desire in shopping for clothes and going to fancy restaurants


30th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) In recent years, many Hong Kong residents have migrated to foreign countries and in particular, U.K. due to the implementation of BN(O) visa.

A man from Hong Kong posted on a social media forum saying that his desire for material goods has greatly decreased after migrating. The post immediately caused heated discussions, and three major reasons can be summarised from the comments of netizens. He said that when he was still in Hong Kong, he would think about what shirts he would wear before he was going out and he would buy clothes to change his outlook from time to time. He would also go out to hunt for good food from time to time.

However, after migrating overseas, he said that he has not bought any clothes for a year. He has lost the urge to shop for new clothes nor go to fancy restaurants. Many said that life should be like this as simplicity is the best. Some said that Hong Kong has too much distractions for materialism and it is a very superficial city. He added that he only shops for groceries when he is free and cooks most of the time.

A netizen pointed out that it was because of the differences in culture and living habits between the two places. Most people in Hong Kong pay too much attention to their appearances. When living in a foreign country, the cultural background and aesthetics are different. One added, “foreigners wear clothes that are more functional than appearance”, “Although they don’t spend money on clothes, but they like to spend money on decorating a beautiful home and they like to buy gardening tools, decoration tools, etc. Others think that the values ​​in foreign countries are different from those in Hong Kong, and the pressure is also more subtle. They also pointed out that “the desire to shop is often caused by peer pressure”, “there is some distortion in Hong Kong society”, “the desire for materialism is because you live in a place where there is comparison. ” He said that he started to realise that Hong Kong is actually a very distorted city.