HK Observatory says only Category 2 breeze recorded near Paracel Islands when Jumbo Floating Restaurant sinks


21st June 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Jumbo Floating Restaurant which has stood in the Aberdeen typhoon shelter for more than 40 years, set sail earlier for repairs in Southeast Asia. However, the Aberdeen Catering Group announced that when the Restaurant sailed to the waters near the Paracel Islands last Saturday (18th) afternoon, it encountered an accident sank into the water the water during strong tidal waves.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory’s weather report for the South China Sea, from 12.30 noon on 18th June, there was only a Category 2 breeze until the evening near Paracel Islands, far less than the Category 6 wind force of the No. 3 typhoon. According to the wave forecast of the National Marine Environmental Monitoring Centre in Mainland and the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan on 18th June, no big waves had been seen near Paracel Islands.