HK Observatory forecasts strong seasonal wind to hit next weekend, bringing a rapid drop in temperature with Ta Kwu Ling expected to reach only 11°C

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8th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory has released its weather report, indicating that the coast of Guangdong will experience increased cloud cover and a few rain showers in the next couple of days due to the influence of a relatively humid and warm easterly airstream. However, a significant surge of the northeast monsoon is expected to arrive in southern China next weekend, leading to a considerable drop in temperature across Hong Kong. According to the Hong Kong Observatory, Ta Kwu Ling, located in the New Territories, is forecasted to reach a mere 11 degrees Celsius on Sunday morning, 17th December.

The current weather conditions along the coast of Guangdong are being influenced by an easterly airstream, while a band of clouds is currently covering the northern part of the South China Sea. Today’s weather forecast for Hong Kong indicates fine weather in the afternoon, followed by mainly cloudy conditions tonight, with moderate easterly winds.

Looking ahead, the Hong Kong Observatory expects mainly cloudy weather in the coming days, with relatively humid and warm conditions early next week. However, by midweek next week, a stronger northeast monsoon is anticipated to affect the southern coast of China. As a result, temperatures will drop significantly, leading to cooler weather during the weekend and the following days.

The Hong Kong Observatory warns that the relatively humid and warm easterly airstream will contribute to increased cloud cover and a few rain patches over the coast of Guangdong in the next couple of days. However, the arrival of the intense northeast monsoon next weekend will bring brighter conditions to the region. Nevertheless, residents should prepare for a notable decline in temperatures as the region braces for the impact of the approaching monsoon.

Source: Hong Kong Observatory