HK man, who tried working as a dishwasher for HK$1000/day, breaks down in tears and declares it inhumane after the restaurant assigns him extra tasks


18th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) In Hong Kong, the food and beverage industry is notorious for its demanding nature, with dishwasher positions being particularly challenging to fill. Despite restaurants offering high salaries and employing various tactics to recruit dishwashers, the shortage of workers in this role persists. Recently, a Hong Kong man shared his “trial experience” as a dishwasher on the social media platform Xiaohongshu, shedding light on the job’s underestimated workload and repulsive nature.

The man initially believed that working as a dishwasher would be an easy way to earn a daily wage of up to $1000. However, after experiencing the immense workload and the unpleasant tasks involved, he was taken aback and lamented in his post that the job was “inhumane.”

In his account, the man described a significant disparity in his attitude before and after starting work. He realised the true extent of the job’s demands after completing the massive pile of dishes sent from the dining area and being assigned additional tasks by the restaurant. He expressed his bewilderment at why this high-paying profession failed to attract more people, stating, “If this were in mainland China, you would have to fight for a job like this.”

To gain a firsthand understanding, the man decided to document his experience working as a dishwasher in an all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurant located in Mong Kok’s Grand Century Place. He couldn’t comprehend why this well-paying occupation lacked interest, reiterating that “$1000 a day is a breeze compared to the mainland.”

Assigned to the kitchen’s dishwashing section, he was responsible for cleaning various utensils, dishes, and cooking equipment. He repeatedly emphasized his willingness to work hard and proclaimed, “The job is easy, and $1000 is easily earned.” However, after completing the colossal task of washing the dishes sent from the dining area, he realized his underestimation of the workload associated with the dishwasher role.

At the end of his day-long experience, the man tearfully confessed that being a dishwasher was truly an inhumane job. He claimed to have washed at least 1000 dishes throughout the day, alongside being frequently assigned other miscellaneous tasks, making the job incredibly arduous. He expressed gratitude and respect towards dishwashers worldwide in the video’s closing moments.

Many mainland Chinese netizens were astonished by the high wages offered to dishwashers in Hong Kong. Some commented that in Guangzhou, dishwashers earn approximately ¥4200-4500 per month, while others shared their own experiences as servers and dishwashers, earning only around ¥3000 per month despite having to perform various additional tasks. Some attributed the higher wages in Hong Kong to the city’s high cost of living, stating that after accounting for basic expenses, there isn’t much left. They also emphasized that all forms of labour hold value and that considering the immense workload of dishwashers, “$1000 is hardly considered high.”