HK logs 5,990 COVID-19 cases today, 17 more deaths involving patients aged 55-99 reported


22nd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) Dr. Albert Au from the Centre for Health Protection said that there were 163 imported cases and 5,827 local COVID-19 cases today of which 1,466 cases were detected during nucleic acid testing while 4,361 cases were recorded via rapid antigen tests (RAT) and subsequently verified. Total COVID-19 cases reported today reached 5,990.

Among the 163 imported cases, 58 cases were found at the airport while 57 cases were found at designated quarantine hotels or community isolation facilities between 1st day and 3rd day after arrival. 43 cases were identified between 4th day and 7th day after arrival while 5 cases were identified in the community after 7 days of arrival. More than 10 cases respectively were recorded from 4 countries including 29 from U.K., 12 cases from Thailand, 24 from the Philippines, 21 cases from U.S. etc.

Meanwhile, 5 residents tested positive at 5 respective residential care homes for elderly while 2 residents also tested positive at 2 respective residential care homes for the handicapped. 28 residents in total have been listed as close contacts.

746 new cases were reported at 520 schools involving 102 kindergartens, 207 primary schools, 197 high schools and 14 special schools. A total of 636 students and 110 teaching staff were infected. In addition, classes at 18 schools have been ordered to suspend for one week.

Dr.Au said that total cases involving Omicron variant BA.5 in the community have increased to 78.36% He said that the current epidemic situation is steadily declining, and the moving average number in the past week is 6,731 cases. Compared with the past, it has continued to decline significantly while Omicron variant BA.5 has become a mainstream virus strain in Hong Kong. However, it is expected that the epidemic may reach its peak or slow down, describing it as a “golden opportunity”. But he said that as far as he knows, no new epidemic prevention measures have been finalised, and they are still under discussion.

In addition, Dr. Sara Ho from the Hospital Authority said that 17 more deaths were reported today involving 9 men and 8 women aged 55 – 99. 12 of them did not receive 3 vaccination shots. Most of them had chronic illnesses. So far, 9,721 cases have passed away in total during the fifth wave.

Dr. Ho said that around 2,290 patients are still being hospitalised.  3 new patients are in critical condition while 4 new patients are in serious condition. 49 of the total patients are in critical condition, 41 of the total patients are in serious condition and 20 of the existing patients in critical condition are being treated in ICU.

345 patients have recovered while 305 patients have been discharged in the last 24 hour.

Meanwhile, another 101 employees under Hospital Authority have tested positive for COVID-19.  70 newly recovered employees have returned to work.

An 87-year-old female patient tested positive for COVID-19 at Caritas Medical Centre. 6 female patients and 6 more staff members also tested positive during contact tracing. 2 female patients in the same ward have been listed as close contacts.