HK International Airport’s southern runway temporarily closed due to unidentified debris, flights forced to circle in air


17th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Around 4am today reports emerged that an unidentified debris was discovered on the southern runway of Hong Kong International Airport, necessitating an immediate closure of the runway. Airport ground staff initiated a search for the suspicious fragments. As the northern runway was undergoing maintenance at the time, multiple incoming flights were redirected to hover in the airspace east and south of Hong Kong, awaiting further instructions. It wasn’t until around 5am when the Air Traffic Control reopened the northern runway, allowing circling inbound flights to land. After clearing the landing flights, the runway was then used for departing flights. Sources suggest that the unidentified debris may be fragments from an aircraft tyre.

According to reports, a cargo plane took off this morning but had to return due to a suspected tire explosion. It made an emergency landing and stopped on the northern runway, causing the runway to be unavailable for the next few hours, which will affect morning flights.