HK Ice Hockey Association faces governance issues after National Anthem mix-up, detailed report to be submitted to govt on Monday


24th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Ice Hockey team recently competed in the World Ice Hockey Championships held in Bosnia. However, during the post-game ceremony, a mix-up occurred when the wrong anthem was played. Instead of playing the national anthem, “March of the Volunteers,” the organiser played a song related to the controversial extradition bill protests, which Hong Kong authorities refer to as “anti-extradition law movement.”

The Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association (HKIHA) has since submitted a report to the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong and met with the governing bodies to discuss the incident. During the meeting, which lasted for approximately 40 minutes, the HKIHA faced scrutiny for their administrative operations and governance.

The meeting concluded with both the HKIHA and the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong releasing a statement, stating that the incident highlighted issues within the association’s governance and administrative operations. They promised to submit a detailed report to the government on Monday.

The incident has raised concerns over the HKIHA’s ability to effectively manage and govern the sport in Hong Kong. It also highlights the ongoing political tensions and controversies in the city.

The incident has prompted calls for greater oversight and accountability for Hong Kong’s sporting bodies. Critics argue that the HKIHA’s mix-up during the national anthem is reflective of a wider issue of poor governance within sporting organizations in Hong Kong.

In response to the incident, the HKIHA has pledged to improve its administrative and governance structures. The organization has stated that it will work closely with the Hong Kong Olympic Committee and other governing bodies to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.