HK Health Code to be launched next week as city prepares for quarantine-free border reopening with Mainland


25th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) Officials from Hong Kong and the Mainland held the second meeting today to discuss quarantine-free border reopening arrangements between the two places.

The Chief Secretary for Administration John Lee said today (25th) that meeting outcome was positive.

Mainland experts and officials affirmed Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention work and believed that Hong Kong basically has the conditions for border reopening with mainland.

Both parties agreed to submit reports in an orderly manner and facilitate border reopening as soon as possible.

The Innovation and Technology Bureau will launch the Hong Kong version of the health code next week, so that the public can download and use it as soon as possible. Lee pointed out that experts from the Mainland Health Commission believe that the conditions for border reopening are basically met, and for the purpose of submitting reports on procedures and advancing border reopening, Hong Kong has entered the stage of full implementation of preparations for orderly border reopening, including research on Hong Kong health codes, port procedures, manpower arrangements, inspection mechanisms, etc.

Lee also pointed out that the two parties will focus on research on the design, operation and information security protection of the “Hong Kong Health Code” system, as well as the preparation work of the interface between the “Hong Kong Health Code” and the “Yuekang Code”. The two sides will cooperate in joint prevention and control and risk management.

Meanwhile, the Secretary for Food and Health, Sophia Chan, pointed out that in order to prevent the epidemic from rebounding, the Hong Kong government has recently introduced many measures, such as separation of arrivals in Hong Kong, etc. and will check whether virus testing is required every two days.