HK hairstylist with no savings lives in a 100sqf apartment, spending half his salary on designer clothes


9th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a recent interview conducted by a Chinese blogger, a 50-year-old local hairstylist residing on the 8th floor of a 100-square-foot walk-up apartment shared his unique lifestyle choices. Despite the cramped living quarters, he spends HK$5,000 on monthly rent. The video footage revealed the stylist’s apartment piled high with clothes and designer wear, as he proudly showcased his extensive collection. He admitted to allocating at least half of his monthly income, which amounts to around HK$30,000, towards purchasing designer clothes. Additionally, he flaunted over 10 accessories, including necklaces and bracelets, worth a staggering HK$60,000. The hairstylist confessed to having no savings due to his considerable spending on clothing.

The video quickly garnered significant attention on Facebook, receiving numerous likes and sparking discussions among netizens. Some netizens expressed admiration for the hairstylist’s ability to support himself and live a lifestyle he enjoys, emphasising that he does not negatively impact others. They acknowledged that working as a hairstylist in an older district, catering to a smaller community, often leads to a similar daily routine and that many individuals live their entire lives this way. They recognised that his mindset and way of life have remained unchanged for over 30 years, suggesting that as long as he is content, there is no need for criticism. However, they humorously added that finding a partner might be a challenge with his fashion-centric lifestyle.

On the other hand, some netizens questioned the hairstylist’s financial decisions. They wondered why, despite his apparent wealth, he chooses to live in a small apartment and spends a considerable sum on designer clothes instead. They also speculated whether he displays his designer clothing collection publicly. These netizens expressed differing opinions but ultimately respected the hairstylist’s ability to live the life he desires, free from societal expectations.

The video elicited a range of responses from netizens, highlighting the diversity of perspectives. Some emphasised the importance of individual choice and the pursuit of personal happiness without conforming to societal values. They commended the hairstylist for his self-sufficiency and determination to live life on his own terms. Others advised him to focus on saving money for the future, as he has reached the age of 50. They acknowledged that while material possessions may be temporary, financial stability is essential for long-term planning.