HK Govt to consider further relaxation of social distancing measures as epidemic situation stabilises

Matthew Cheung

20th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) At the beginning of this month, Hong Kong recorded several local confirmed cases of unknown source of infection involving the N501Y mutant virus strain. In order to prevent a rebound of the epidemic, the existing social distancing measures will be maintained until 23rd June.

The Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung stated in his blog today (20th) that the further relaxation of social distancing measures will be subject to the development of the epidemic, the progress of the vaccination programme, and the implementation of the “vaccine bubble” measures. The government will announce relevant details as soon as possible.

Cheung continued that the EU member states have just approved Hong Kong to be included in the “white list” of safe areas, and proposed to gradually lift travel restrictions on Hong Kong, reflecting the gradual stabilisation of the epidemic in Hong Kong. Cheung also pointed out that the concept of the “vaccine bubble” is a global trend, and countries are racing against time to launch vaccination programs. According to the current situation, regions with a higher vaccination rate will be able to resume economic and social activities as soon as possible. At the beginning of this month, the government launched the “Early Vaccination for All” campaign, and the vaccination programme is proceeding at full speed. The recent vaccination appointments and vaccination rates have continued to rise. As of 19th June, the government has administered more than 3.18 million doses of vaccines for those participating in the program.