HK govt plans to to reduce 7-day quarantine for those entering from Mainland to ‘3+4’ formula similar to other overseas arrivals


8th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) According to sources, the Hong Kong government plans to relax the restrictions on entry from the mainland to Hong Kong via Return2HK and Come2HK schemes. The 7-day quarantine period will be adjusted to the ‘3+4″ formula similar to those arriving in Hong Kong from overseas and Taiwan.

The Chief Executive announced earlier today that the quarantine period for overseas arrivals from international regions and Taiwan starting from 12th August. The 7-day hotel quarantine will be reduced to ‘3+4’ i.e. 3-day designated hotel quarantine and 4-day medical monitoring at home or other hotel. In addition, non-infected arrivals will be given a yellow or amber health code. During home quarantine, they can leave their homes but they are not allowed to enter scheduled premises including restaurants, bars, fitness centres, entertainment venues, beauty parlours, residential care homes, schools, medical centres etc. They will not be allowed to attend events without masks. Meanwhile, they are allowed to enter shopping malls, markets, work places and use public transport as long as they test negative daily.