HK govt considers shortening existing quarantine at designated hotels to 5 days for returnees


28th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) According to sources, the Hong Kong government is considering shortening the quarantine period for returnees to Hong Kong, from the current “7+7” scheme to “5+2”, that is, only 5 days of hotel quarantine and 2 days of home quarantine. With the relaxation of social distancing measures and the gradual resumption of daily activities of citizens, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong has remained above 1,500 for several days.

David Hui, a government expert advisor and chair professor of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the Chinese University, said that it is not surprising that the number of confirmed cases in a single day will exceed 2,000 in the next few days and there is no need for concern as long as the severe cases and deaths remain low. As for a restaurant suspected of a cluster outbreak due to insufficient ventilation recently, Hui appealed that restaurants should not turn off the ventilators to save electricity.

The new health chief, Lo Chung-mau who will assume office on 1st July said during an interview on a radio program earlier that the new government will attempt to shorten the hotel quarantine period to five days or less for passengers arriving from overseas under a closed-loop journey together with a home quarantine. Arriving passengers must specific their destinations in their itinerary before returning to Hong Kong.