HK govt accused of double standard as British film crew required to undergo hotel quarantine while Nicole Kidman was exempted earlier

    British director Bizhan Tong

    4th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Hollywood movie star Nicole Kidman came to Hong Kong to film “EXPATS” recently and was given a “green light” by the Hong Kong government to start work without undergoing quarantine after arrival. The special privilege given has caused great controversy among the local community.

    Meanwhile, local media reported that a British crew will also start filming in Hong Kong. However, the film crew arrived earlier in Hong Kong to meet the local epidemic prevention measures and completed hotel quarantine in accordance to the regulations.

    British director Bizhan Tong, founder and CEO of Phoenix Waters Productions, who won the Festival of Cinema NYC Best Director Award, will also be in Hong Kong to film the new thriller series “Forensic Psychologist”, the crew had arrived in Hong Kong from the U.K. earlier to undergo quarantine in the hotel. They were not given special privilege by the Hong Kong government like Nicole Kidman. The British drama used many local actresses including Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, Yuki Law Yuk Yee and Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching.

    Bizhan a British producer, screenwriter, and film director. Tong is currently developing an Asian remake of Richard Linklater’s Sundance Film Festival|Sundance hit Tape (film) with the movie’s original writer, playwright Stephen Belber. He is also developing both a Cantonese and a British version of an original crime drama series, Forensic Psychologist, the latter in partnership with Debbie Mason, co-founder of Kudos (production company) behind hit shows Life on Mars (British TV series) and Humans (TV series); drama series Crypto Keepers about Hongkongers competing with Americans to create the next Bitcoin; and a miniseries involving Triad (organised crime)|Triads.

    “My main purpose for coming to Hong Kong was to bring local stories to global audiences,” stated Tong. “I am keen for more viewers to experience the incredible talent which exists both in front of and behind the camera. There are many stories to be told in a picturesque, multi-layered city like Hong Kong that global audiences will enjoy through platforms such as Netflix. Our goal is to invest in larger productions and more international co-productions with global appeal to help revitalise the industry.” 

    To date, Phoenix Waters Productions retains a compact team in its Central office and ATV studio in Tai Po. “Our aim in the coming year is to increase our headcount using the revenue generated from our projects,” explained Tong. “I consider the work ethic and talent of Hong Kong people to be amongst the finest in the world. As an employer, I am delighted to engage with such dedicated, professional and talented individuals.”