HK government to address public opposition to Municipal Solid Waste Charging with details of “early and pilot implementation” next week


21st May 2024 – (Hong Kong) It was found that a significant number of individuals in Hong Kong oppose the implementation of Municipal Solid Waste Charging. Acknowledging the public sentiment, the government announced today (21st) during a media briefing that it will seriously consider societal opinions and introduce an “early and pilot implementation” plan to assess any potential issues with execution. While the legislation came into effect during the previous administration, the current government recognises its responsibility to review policies. As a result, they aim to provide an update next week on the challenges and perspectives encountered during the “early and pilot implementation” phase. The Environmental Protection Department will convene this week to discuss relevant matters.

Furthermore, authorities expressed their support for collaboration with the mainland Chinese government in waste management. They intend to actively engage in discussions with their mainland counterparts on related issues.