HK Government successfully issues close to US$6 billion worth of green bonds under Green Bond Programme


1st June 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has announced the successful offering of close to US$6 billion worth of green bonds under the Government Green Bond Programme. The green bonds were denominated in US dollars, euros, and Renminbi and were priced competitively across different tenors.

The offering included different types of currencies and tenors, attracting a wide spectrum of investors and receiving close to US$30 billion equivalent in orders. The RMB tranches were expanded to RMB15 billion this time, with the additional issuance of a new 10-year RMB tranche. This demonstrates the global investors’ recognition of Hong Kong’s efforts in green and sustainable development.

The Green Bonds are being issued under the Global Medium Term Note Programme established in early 2021. They are expected to be settled on June 7, 2023, and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. The Green Bonds have been assigned credit ratings of AA+ by S&P Global Ratings and AA- by Fitch.

The Financial Secretary, Mr. Paul Chan, expressed his enthusiasm for Hong Kong green bonds and stated that the offering has included their first 10-year RMB green bond, which helps to extend the offshore RMB yield curve and continues to enrich offshore RMB product offerings, promoting RMB internationalisation in an orderly manner. The Hong Kong Government will continue to issue greenbonds regularly to promote innovation and further development of the market.