HK fitness YouTuber Emi Wong announces split with husband after three years and speaks for the first time

    Chad and Emi Wong

    24th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong fitness YouTuber Emi Wong has officially announced that she has split with her husband of three years, Chad recently. The Hong Kong-based content creator, who has over 5.76 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 687,000 followers on Instagram, shared the news with her fans on Instagram on Thursday, 18th May.

    In her post, Wong apologised for taking some time to announce the news and thanked her followers for respecting their privacy. She added that they would continue to support each other as friends and begin new chapters in their lives.

    The announcement comes after netizens noticed that Chad had disappeared from Emi’s Instagram and YouTube videos since May this year. The latest co-production with him was on 26th April. Additionally, Emi recently went to Singapore to attend a social media event, but Chad was not with her. Chad’s Instagram account has not been updated since December 2021.

    Following her recent announcement of her divorce from her husband Chad, Emi Wong has shared a heartfelt message with her followers in a new YouTube video. The video, uploaded on 23rd May, marks her first appearance on the platform since the announcement.

    In her most recent video on YouTube, Emi Wong talks about the process of letting go of relationships, particularly those that have lasted for a long time. According to Wong, when you let go of someone, you’re not just releasing that person, but also the future and life that you had envisioned for yourself. Wong believes that society and parents often set a “life timeline” for people, dictating that they study hard, graduate, find a stable job, get married, have children, and raise them, among other things. However, as Wong has grown older, she has come to understand that life and relationships are not always straightforward. She disagrees with the belief that one is a failure if they don’t achieve specific things by a certain age. This predetermined life path cannot bring joy and fulfillment to everyone.

    Wong is grateful that she and Chad didn’t have children because she still has the opportunity to find a life path that suits her. She urges her followers to reflect on their own lives and relationships and to release societal expectations that may not align with their personal values and goals. Wong’s message is one of self-acceptance and self-discovery, emphasising the importance of finding one’s own path in life rather than conforming to societal norms.

    Moreover, when Emi and Chad met, they were just in their twenties, and they were still quite young and didn’t even know themselves very well. Over the years, as people grow and change, their perspectives naturally evolve, and especially when individuals are seeking self-discovery or deciding what kind of person they want to be, people may gradually drift apart and follow different paths. Emi was once afraid of separating from Chad because she was uncertain about who she would be without her partner, and she was also scared of being single and alone at the age of 31. She had been troubled by various thoughts and was diagnosed with moderate depression as a result. However, she viewed the situation from a different perspective and realised that if a person can live to be 70 or 80 years old, then 31 is still very young, and life is not even halfway over. She should not let these fears hold her back from living the next few decades of her life. But she understood that these “dependencies” were not reasons for her and Chad to continue their relationship. After a period of reflection, Emi regained her composure and aimed to find inner peace while continuing to spread love and positive energy on her channel. She has since moved into a smaller apartment, while her two dogs live with Chad and are co-parented by both of them.

    Chad also makes a brief appearance in the video, holding the shared dog and greeting the audience with a smile. The couple’s amicable relationship and commitment to co-parenting demonstrate their maturity and respect for each other, despite their decision to end their marriage.

    The video has received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans, who have expressed their support and admiration for Wong’s openness and honesty. Many have praised her for her strength and resilience, and have encouraged her to continue sharing her journey with her audience.

    Emi Wong is well-known for her workout content and healthy lifestyle advice. She started her YouTube channel in 2017 and has built up a substantial following over the years. Her content includes yoga and muscle exercises in English, as well as recipes and travel vlogs.

    In her Instagram post, Wong shared a photo of a parachute against the blue sky, along with her announcement. The photo could be seen as symbolic of her new chapter in life and the freedom to pursue her passions.

    Chad used to be a common feature on Wong’s channel, but their last video together was uploadedin April 2022. In the video, Chad mentioned that he and Emi got together in September 2013. The couple wedded in a poolside ceremony in Phuket in 2020 after seven years of dating.

    While some fans were not surprised by the announcement, others expressed their shock and offered their support to the couple. Many wished them both the best in their future endeavours and applauded them for handling the situation with grace and maturity.