HK filmmaker Stephen Chow engages with Japanese AV actress Remu Suzumori on virtual platform

    Insert picture: Stephen Chow. Remu Suzumori

    26th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s creative sphere witnessed an intriguing crossover of cultures and industries as celebrated filmmaker Stephen Chow made a notable foray into the digital realm with his latest venture. Chow, who has pivoted from acting to digital innovation, recently saw his avatar’s ceramic card launch at a premier American pop culture exhibition hosted in Hong Kong for the first time. This event, a haven for trendsetters and artists, witnessed a flurry of enthusiasm as Chow’s merchandise became a coveted item.

    Among the attendees was Japanese actress Remu Suzumori, renowned for her work in the adult video industry. Suzumori, who has rapidly ascended the ranks since her debut in 2019, was drawn to the event out of admiration for Chow. Upon acquiring one of the coveted ceramic cards featuring Chow’s likeness, she received a direct and playful acknowledgment from the filmmaker himself. Chow, using a pseudonymous account, reached out to Suzumori with the light-hearted remark, “Nobody Loves Remu!” This interaction underscores the broadening appeal of Chow’s influence beyond conventional cinematic boundaries.

    At 26, Suzumori’s career trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. In the span of four years, she has starred in over 40 productions, earning her the title of the eighth most popular actress in her field in 2023. This accolade speaks volumes about her impact and the cultural resonance of her work within the entertainment industry.