HK actresses Mandy Wong and Myolie Wu embark on a stylish pilgrimage to Milan Fashion Week

    Myolie Wu in Milan

    22nd February 2024 – (Milan) Local actress Mandy Wong, and her best friend Myolie Wu, sashayed into Milan Fashion Week together, indulging in a fashion-filled adventure. Myolie’s husband, Philip, took on the role of personal photographer, capturing numerous stunning shots of her. Waste no time in sharing her excitement, she promptly posted the glamorous photos on her social media platform. In the midst of capturing candid moments on the streets, she left a sassy comment saying, “Milan, long time no see. I feel like everything has gotten better.”

    Meanwhile, Mandy Wong also captured some captivating moments upon her arrival. Since signing with a new management company, Mandy has exuded confidence and radiant energy. On the day of departure, she donned a vibrant red outerwear paired with white shorts, radiating elegance. During an exclusive interview with, Mandy revealed that she was unaware of Myolie’s presence in Milan prior to their arrival. Due to their plans to attend different fashion shows, they decided to arrange a meetup later. Mandy expressed, “I only found out yesterday that Myolie was also coming to Milan Fashion Week. But we’ve already scheduled a time to have a meal together. It’s truly a rare occasion. It’s difficult to arrange meetings even in Hong Kong, so it’s amazing that we managed to meet up in Milan. The last time we attended a fashion week together was in the United States. I’m really happy and excited about this trip. And personally, I love drinking coffee. As soon as I landed, I rushed to have a cup of Italian coffee.”