HK actress Vivien Yeo’s festive visit to Malaysia stirs excitement with stunning cousin bearing striking resemblance to retired actress Charlie Yeung

    Yanne (left) and Vivien Yeo Siew-hui(right).

    25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Actress Vivien Yeo Siew-hui, known as Vivien, made headlines recently as she shared stunning photos from her visit to her hometown in Malaysia during the Lunar New Year. However, it was not Vivien herself who grabbed the attention of netizens, but rather the beautiful woman by her side. This woman turned out to be Vivien’s cousin, Yanne, who bears a striking resemblance to the retired actress Charlie Yeung, known for her elegance during her prime.

    Yanne, with her captivating beauty has left netizens in awe. Commenters flooded the social media post with compliments, praising the family for their exceptional genes and remarking on Yanne’s stunning appearance. Some even wondered if Yanne would consider pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.