HK actress Natalie Tong spotted in Japan radiating natural beauty


    11th July 2024 – (Osaka) Hong Kong actress Natalie Tong, known for her role in the TVB drama series, recently captured the hearts of netizens when she was spotted in Osaka, Japan. Since departing TVB two years ago, Tong has been exploring various pursuits beyond acting. During her time in Japan, she has immersed herself in the art of baking, engaged in charitable endeavours, embarked on leisurely travels, and pursued further education, embracing a serene and fulfilling lifestyle.

    The chance encounter took place at Universal Studios Osaka, where an enthusiastic fan had the privilege of meeting Tong and promptly shared a snapshot on social media. The photo showcased a radiant Tong, donning minimal makeup with a luminous smile. Despite the intense sunlight and the absence of filters, her complexion appeared flawless, earning her widespread admiration for her innate beauty.

    In another photo, Tong exuded a youthful charm as she sported a red Mario Kart-themed headpiece, showcasing her impeccable physique. Clutching a wireless microphone, she seemed to be involved in a local television program shoot. Additionally, another netizen had the serendipitous opportunity to witness Tong engaging with a group of children while playfully seated next to a stroller. A gentleman wearing a Mario-themed top, a hat, and a face mask accompanied her, whom the netizen identified as popular singer Leo Ku. Furthermore, a lady dressed in a white t-shirt and sunglasses, resembling Lorraine, Leo Ku’s wife, was also present. It has been revealed that Tong recently signed with Lorraine’s management company, leaving the purpose of her visit to Japan undisclosed, leaving fans speculating whether it was related to her upcoming online program.