HK actress Myolie Wu portrays the vigour of working motherhood in natural supplement brand advertisement


    1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu recently graced the screen in an advertisement for a natural supplement brand, mirroring her real-life role as a mother of three. For the first time, she enacted the character of a mother to three boys, showcasing a heartfelt performance filled with maternal joy as she interacted with three young co-stars.

    Wu confessed that the advertisement reflects her own experiences as a working mother. “My work schedule is often extensive, occasionally starting at the crack of dawn. Despite the fatigue from the constant travelling between locations, I treasure every moment I spend with my children after work,” Wu shared. She also added that her children’s boundless energy keeps her on her toes, “They seem to never tire, which is something I deeply admire.”

    Wu further described her family outings to rural parks, where she juggles the demands of motherhood with the exuberance of her young sons. She recounted instances where she had to carry her youngest, Liam, while chasing after his insect-enthusiast brother Ryan and their older sibling Brendan as they dart after butterflies. “Keeping up with three energetic boys in the outdoors is quite the feat. Honestly, one would need an abundance of stamina and physical strength to manage,” Wu admitted, humorously wishing for a younger physique to better match her children’s vitality.