HK actress Kathy Chow’s reported death shrouded in mystery as initial source deletes post

    Kathy Chow

    12th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Several media outlets reported the alleged passing of renowned actress Kathy Chow. However, it was revealed that the earliest source of this news was an anonymous internet user. The individual had posted on Kathy Chow’s social media account, claiming that she had passed away. However, the post has since been deleted, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the situation.

    Following the emergence of this news, multiple media organizations attempted to contact Kathy Chow’s representatives around 8pm. Unfortunately, all attempts to reach them were met with silence, as calls went unanswered and were abruptly disconnected. As of now, there has been no official response from Kathy Chow’s camp regarding these reports.

    In addition to reaching out to Kathy Chow’s team, attempts were made to contact her close friends for confirmation. One of her friends revealed that they were in contact with her as recently as 10th December, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary at the time. However, when they tried to reach her today, they were unable to establish contact.

    Interestingly, at around 6pm yesterday, Kathy Chow’s dog’s social media account was still active, with a recent video showing the dog excitedly playing in the snow. It is worth noting that Kathy Chow celebrated her 57th birthday on 6th December, and she had posted on social media on that day. Furthermore, her studio had shared related content on Weibo on 9th December. Despite the passage of several hours since the news broke, neither Kathy Chow nor any member of her team has made a public appearance or issued a statement addressing the rumours.

    At around 6pm yesterday, Kathy Chow’s dog’s social media account was still active.