HK actress Jacqueline Wong returns to Hong Kong after honeymoon, enjoying karaoke night with mother

    Jacqueline Wong

    22nd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Jacqueline Wong, the actress who faced controversy earlier due to her involvement with married singer Andy Hui, has returned to Hong Kong after a romantic honeymoon in the Maldives with her husband, RubberBand drummer Lai Man-wang. The couple enjoyed a delightful getaway, exploring the beauty of the island through various land, sea, and air activities, creating cherished memories together.

    Upon her return, Jacqueline wasted no time in resuming her active lifestyle. In a heartwarming display of filial piety, she treated her mother to a cozy night of hot pot and karaoke. Sharing a photo on her social media platform, Jacqueline can be seen holding a microphone, with a glass of beer nearby, subtly hinting at the absence of any baby news. With a gleeful expression, she remarked, “After our hot pot dinner, we decided to sing a song and test the sound system. Little did I know, my sister had never sung karaoke with me before, and it had been around 30 years since I last sang karaoke with my mom. It was a joyous evening!”