HK actress Jacqueline Ch’ng resumes work amidst JPEX controversy, prepares for film shooting in mainland China

    Jacqueline Ch'ng

    26th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Ch’ng finds herself entangled in the JPEX virtual asset platform controversy. Having previously been invited to assist in the investigation, she has recently resumed work and is scheduled to return to Foshan, mainland China tomorrow (26th) for the shooting of a film produced by Andrew Lam Man Chung. The movie’s backdrop revolves around the 60s and 70s era. Ch’ng, who claims to have suffered a loss of HK$500,000 in the JPEX incident, candidly shared in an interview, “Yes! I will be back to work tomorrow. I’ve been in Guangzhou for the past few days for work. (I celebrated my mom’s birthday on the actual day, and we have planned to celebrate again with other friends. They will stay longer because I need to return for work!)”