HK actress Jacqueline Ch’ng announces return from Malaysia in two days, implication status in JPEX case to be revealed soon

    Jacqueline Ch'ng

    20th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Ch’ng finds herself entangled in the JPEX case. Law enforcement authorities have targeted another individual in the showbiz circle but have been unable to apprehend them due to their overseas location. With Jacqueline Ch’ng currently in Malaysia, it is easy for people to draw associations. Whether she requires assistance in the investigation will likely be revealed in the next couple of days. Today, she shared several stills from the movie “Prison Flowers” and left a message stating, “Have you all watched it? I will be back in two days to show my support.” It is evident that she is updating everyone on her well-being, indicating that she is safe and sound in Malaysia. Fans and curious netizens will have to wait for her return to Hong Kong to see what unfolds.

    Ch’ng shared several stills from the movie “Prison Flowers”

    In the ongoing JPEX case, the Securities and Futures Commission has identified the virtual asset trading platform as operating without a licence. Law enforcement authorities have received 1,408 reports, involving an estimated amount of HK$1 billion. 8 suspects including social Joseph Lam-chok, were arrested on suspicion of “conspiracy to defraud” in connection with the case.

    Meanwhile, Jacqueline Ch’ng, who is also involved in the case, previously emphasised that she had never been in contact with the relevant company when she removed the promotional video. She clarified that her only connection was with the company she collaborated with and “JPEX.” Currently in Malaysia, she also uploaded a video clip attending a friend’s child’s primary school celebration and received lavish gifts from luxury brands. She also engaged in a rapid-fire dialogue using the “Deep V” phrase. Some netizens commented on the JPEX case and mocked Jacqueline Ch’ng by mentioning the extradition agreement between Malaysia and Hong Kong. However, Jacqueline Ch’ng responded with a “tears of joy” emoji. Reports suggest that law enforcement authorities have targeted another figure in the entertainment industry, but their overseas location has hindered their arrest. Recently, Jacqueline Ch’ng appeared at a dinner event and revealed that she suffered a six-figure loss in the JPEX incident. At that time, she stated that she had no intention of reporting the incident to the police and had since flown back to her hometown in Malaysia. Jacqueline Ch’ng has been updating her social media with glimpses of her enjoyable life and responding to comments from netizens.

    Numerous netizens flooded Jacqueline Ch’ng’s social media with comments, advising her to return to Hong Kong and “surrender.” Some comments read, “Come back and surrender sooner, serve as a righteous prisoner with your brother-in-law. People with connections have many options.” In response, Jacqueline Ch’ng simply replied with a laughing emoji and revealed that she is currently in Malaysia. Netizens expressed dissatisfaction with Jacqueline Ch’ng’s response and criticised her for her arrogant attitude, questioning, “Why is Jacqueline Ch’ng acting so dismissive?”

    Regarding the flood of comments from netizens urging her to return to Hong Kong and surrender, Jacqueline Ch’ng spoke to Sing Tao Daily and candidly expressed her innocence: “I hope the situation stops escalating. The rumours are getting out of control, and I won’t respond anymore. I will leave it to my lawyer to handle, and I reserve the right to take legal action.” As for speculations that she returned to her hometown to avoid coming back to Hong Kong, she clarified, “I came here to celebrate my mother’s birthday.” Regarding the ongoing investigation by the police, she mentioned that they will take appropriate action based on the involvement and roles of relevant individuals in the case. If necessary, they will extradite individuals from overseas back to Hong Kong. Jacqueline Ch’ng reiterated her innocence and stated, “My phone is always on. Reporters can reach me, and the relevant departments can find me if needed.”