HK actress Cecelia Cheung overcomes power outage and parking lot ordeal during Hangzhou work trip

    Cecelia Cheung

    30th November 2023 – (Hangzhou) Actress Cecelia Cheung, 43, faced a series of mishaps during her recent work trip to Hangzhou. While conducting a live broadcast, the entire production suddenly experienced a power outage, leaving them in complete darkness. Undeterred by the unexpected situation, Cheung showcased her professionalism by promptly improvising and engaging with her audience for the remaining 15 minutes of the broadcast. With the help of the crew, who used their mobile phone flashlights to provide illumination, the actress successfully completed the live session.

    During the live broadcast, the unforeseen power outage occurred, plunging the set into darkness. However, the resourceful crew members quickly stepped in, using their mobile phone flashlights to light up the surroundings and ensure Cheung’s visibility.

    Emily, Cheung’s manager, captured the incident during the filming of her YouTube channel “Miss Mirror” She observed how the crew members encircled Cheung with their mobile phone lights, turning what could have been a chaotic moment into a romantic and triumphant experience. After the broadcast concluded, Cheung and her team prepared to leave the premises. Unfortunately, they encountered another obstacle when the power gate in the parking lot failed to open due to the ongoing power disruption. As a result, they found themselves trapped, along with several other vehicles.

    Remaining calm and patient throughout the ordeal, Cheung and her team immediately contacted the relevant personnel to seek assistance. Recognising the urgency of the situation, the parking lot management promptly dispatched engineers to manually open the power gate and facilitate the safe exit of the stranded vehicles. The entire ordeal lasted approximately half an hour.

    During the wait, Cheung expressed her appreciation for the professionalism and dedication displayed by her team and the parking lot staff in resolving the predicament. Despite the unexpected challenges, her positive attitude and commendations further exemplified her professionalism and grace under pressure.