HK actor Wong Cho-lam celebrates wife’s birthday, dispelling divorce rumours


    28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor Wong Cho-lam marked his wife’s 39th birthday with a special tribute. Despite previous reports of discord between Wong Cho-lam and TVB executives Virginia Lok and Catherina Tsang, following his disappointment over Linda Chung’s retirement, the actor has shown a strong bond with his wife, Leanne Li. Wong Cho-lam had resigned from his position as the “Chief Creative Officer” at TVB in response to the alleged conflicts. However, he expressed his willingness to assist TVB’s Managing Director, Eric Tsang, whenever needed. Interestingly, Wong Cho-lam’s profile and introduction mysteriously disappeared from the TVB official website soon after. While he has gradually faded from TVB’s spotlight, his recent appearance in the anniversary celebration signifies a positive relationship with the network.

    Wong Cho-lam has diligently pursued his career, but it is his wife, Leanne Li, who has been a pillar of support and care for their family. Despite being married for several years, their love remains as strong as ever. Wong Cho-lam took to social media to share a video celebrating his wife’s birthday, in which he showered her with praise. He described her as a beautiful woman who excels in cooking and painting, but above all, he highlighted her optimistic, cheerful, and humorous personality. Leanne Li often shares inspiring quotes and Wong Cho-lam expressed his gratitude for her presence, stating, “You have made my world a better place.” The heartwarming video also featured cherished moments of the couple and their family.

    Netizens overwhelmingly praised Wong Cho-lam for his happiness in marrying Leanne Li, emphasizing that his physical appearance is not the sole factor in a successful marriage. They commended him for being a loving husband, caring father, responsible and supportive partner, and for sharing household responsibilities. Users expressed admiration for Wong Cho-lam’s character, stating, “It’s not about a man’s looks; it’s about loving your wife, taking care of your children, and having responsibility. That’s what makes a man handsome.” Another comment highlighted Leanne Li’s good fortune in marrying him, with the sentiment that being with the right person brings happiness and understanding. The online praise effectively countered the recent rumours of marital discord between Wong Cho-lam and Leanne Li.