HK actor Tony Leung’s admirable composure as fans flock to take pictures with him during filming in Germany

    Tony Leung chatted with a fan.

    16th April 2024 – (Marburg) Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai continues to win hearts with his affable nature, as he interacts warmly with fans while shooting his first European film, “Silent Friend,” in Germany. Despite his international commitments, Leung remains approachable and personable, as evidenced by the numerous encounters and successful photo opportunities with fans in recent days.

    “Silent Friend,” produced by German production company Pandora Film, represents Leung’s latest project following his appearance in “The Story of My Wife,” which competed at Cannes, and “On Body and Soul,” the Berlinale Golden Bear-winning film that garnered an Oscar nomination.

    One fan, who coincidentally met Leung on the night of the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards, praised the actor for his friendliness and respect. The fan expressed, “He was extremely amiable, and he maintained eye contact with me while I spoke, making me feel respected. I’m truly delighted. Even his driver and assistant were kind-hearted. They held my belongings while I obtained his autograph, and the assistant expressed concern that my pen might not work well, fearing that the signature would fade. The driver even helped me take photos, capturing various angles.” In the snapshots, Leung appeared in a sporty look, with a constant smile on his face, and fans were both astonished and thrilled to be embraced by the acclaimed actor. One fan remarked, “When the ‘King of Actors’ wrapped his arm around me, I didn’t know where to place my hand, so I instinctively put it around his waist!”

    Leung’s down-to-earth demeanour continued to shine through in another encounter, where he patiently explained the situation to fans despite being occupied with filming. The fan shared, “He was incredibly patient and gentle, explaining to us, ‘I’ll be available for photos once I finish shooting. I’ll come out later when the lighting is perfect.’ We waited for less than 30 minutes, and after Tony finished work, he walked over to us. His assistant even reminded him that we were waiting there and asked if we wanted a photo together! My life is now complete. Congratulations to Tony on his sixth Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor. He thanked us with a smile! During the photo session, he even initiated a hug with us! How can an actor be so gentle and modest?”