HK actor Tony Leung spotted enjoying ice cream in London


    27th May 2024 – (London) Hong Kong actor Tony Leung has been seen exploring various European destinations. Recently, he made a stop in London, where he was captured by netizens indulging in a simple pleasure—eating ice cream on the streets of London. A photo of Leung, accompanied by a male friend, surfaced on social media, sparking excitement among fans.

    The photo, shared by an enthusiastic netizen, depicted Leung casually strolling while enjoying his ice cream cone. The user provided a detailed account of the encounter, stating, “Tony was walking and eating ice cream, accompanied by a male friend! Tony Leung is truly down-to-earth and approachable. He is such a genuine person. When asked, he mentioned that he was in the U.K. for travel. He displayed absolutely no airs or pretensions!” The image quickly garnered attention, with many netizens commenting on the actor’s humble nature and relatable demeanour. Questions arose, with some asking if he was feeding pigeons, while others praised his down-to-earth attitude and adorable contrast to his on-screen persona.