HK actor Stefan Wong ends 18-year affiliation with TVB, faces challenges in competitive industry

    Stefan Wong

    27th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Stefan Wong, 44,has ended his 18-year affiliation with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). Wong, who joined TVB as an artist after participating in the Mr. Hong Kong pageant in 2005, has been involved in numerous television dramas. However, in recent years, his on-screen appearances have significantly decreased. Earlier, Wong surprised his followers on social media by announcing his departure from TVB to focus on his food and beverage business.

    Yesterday, Wong made an appearance at  Aniform Day Award Ceremony  organised by SPCA at D2 Place in Cheung Sha Wan. During a media interview regarding his departure, he expressed, “I feel like an orphan now, but I have many different platforms available to me. They all offer different opportunities, and in the future, I may even return to TVB. The future is uncertain. For now, this decision feels comfortable, so I’ll give it a try.”

    When asked if he needs to actively seek job opportunities at the moment, Wong responded, “To be honest, there are more job opportunities now. If people invite me to events or activities, I immediately accept. Unlike before, I’m more active and attend more events. I am relatively low-key. So now, I have to maintain a good appearance, keep myself in shape, and let others know that I’m still here and haven’t given up. I hope that by attending events, people will remember me and consider me for work.”

    Wong admitted that it is challenging to compete with younger individuals. When questioned if the decrease in on-screen appearances and intense competition led to his decision to leave TVB, Wong explained, “Of course, there are many talented young individuals, and considering my age and the fact that I haven’t fully mastered Cantonese, I understand the situation. Therefore, I must maintain my personal condition and improve my Cantonese speaking skills, avoiding lazy pronunciation. I am aware of the competition and the need for the next generation. I understand that at my age, it is difficult to compete with younger individuals and that I will eventually have to take on the role of a father. However, I don’t want it to happen too soon. If you ask me whether I still have any attachment to TVB, the answer is yes.”