HK actor Sean Lau brings nostalgia and joy in exclusive short film series on Chinese platform

    Sean Lau

    28th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a recent heartwarming episode of his new short film series, Hong Kong film star Sean Lau delighted a younger audience by donning the hat of an ice cream vendor, an act that served as a vehicle for joy and a poignant trip down memory lane.

    The versatile actor, known for his commanding screen presence, showcased his range by playing dual roles in the latest instalment of the series, which premiered on a popular mainland Chinese short video platform. Lau’s attempt at mastering the art of soft-serve ice cream making was met with initial setbacks, leading to a humorous yet endearing sequence where he had to consume multiple misshapen ice creams. The successful final product, however, had eager children lining up, bringing a genuine smile to both Lau’s and the children’s faces.

    But it was a candid conversation with the ice cream-enjoying youngsters that revealed a deeper layer to the episode. When asked about his own childhood, Lau responded with a touch of bewilderment, admitting that his memories were hazy except for a notable bike accident in Sha Tin. He mentioned that the taste of soft-serve ice cream evoked a “taste of childhood,” only to later reveal with a smile that he never actually had the treat as a child due to financial constraints. The distinctive melody of the ice cream truck, however, remained a powerful memory, emblematic of desires unfulfilled.