HK actor Sammy Leung returns to radio show amidst controversy surrounding JPEX scam

    Sammy Leung

    25th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the midst of the escalating controversy surrounding the unlicensed operations of JPEX, the cryptocurrency exchange store Coingaroo, located in Tuen Mun and Causeway Bay, faced a raid by law enforcement authorities who entered their office to gather evidence. Sammy Leung, a 49-year-old actor who had previously served as the spokesperson for the company, happened to be on vacation during this sensitive period. Leung, who claimed to be travelling to Spain with his family, stated that his contract with Coingaroo had already expired.

    After being absent from hosting the radio program for two consecutive days, Sammy Leung finally returned to the radio station today (25th). However, there was no mention of the related events during the program. Around noon, after completing the show, Leung stepped out of the radio station accompanied by a public relations officer. He posed for photographs with the waiting media and answered some questions. When asked if law enforcement authorities had contacted him for assistance in the investigation, or if he had invested in cryptocurrency, he replied, “No further comments. As I mentioned earlier, my contract has ended. Thank you all for your concern.” He then returned to the radio station.