HK actor Raymond Lam Fung’s wife faces online criticism as netizens attack her appearance


    27th February 2024 – (Xiamen) Carina Zhang, has become a target of online criticism in recent years. Every time she posts photos or updates on social media, she is bombarded with negative comments from netizens. Recently, her New Year’s family trip and photos of them enjoying a hot spring and swimming were met with harsh criticism, with some calling her outdated and comparing her to a rural aunt trying to be cute. Surprisingly, even her husband, Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam Fung, didn’t escape the attacks, as netizens claimed he looked like an old man.

    In a recent social media post, Carina Zhang shared pictures of her Lunar New Year family trip with her husband, Raymond Lam, and their daughter, Gege. They embarked on a busy itinerary, starting from Lam’s hometown of Xiamen and visiting Yancheng, Nanjing, and Anji. One family portrait captured Carina holding their daughter while Raymond Lam rested his arm on Carina’s shoulder. Despite the warm and affectionate composition, netizens took aim at Raymond’s appearance, criticising his choice of plain clothing and a grey cap, pointing out signs of illness with pale lips, and leaving comments like, “Raymond Lam looks so old now?” While some netizens defended Raymond, acknowledging that he might be unwell, the critics persisted, speculating, “Does he have a perpetual cold? His lips have been pale in previous photos too.” Carina also showcased a jade diamond ring on her hand, inviting further criticism for flaunting luxury watches and jewellery. Even a photo of her in a swimsuit was deemed unflattering, with comments such as, “I have to say, it’s a bit tacky!” and “She’s trying too hard to look cute like a rural aunt.”

    While Carina Zhang faces relentless criticism, her daughter, Gege, finally received some positive comments, with netizens praising her beauty and cuteness, mentioning her resemblance to her father, Raymond Lam. However, when it comes to Carina’s posts featuring their daughter and another boy, she chose to blur the boy’s face, which led to accusations of selfishness and sparked heated discussions among netizens.