HK actor Raymond Lam Fung keeps smiling and stays humble at Guangzhou event


    21st April 2024 – (Guangzhou) Raymond Lam Fung, aged 44, has been a prominent figure in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry for years. During his time at TVB, he starred in numerous classic dramas, showcasing his talent as both an actor and a singer.

    Despite having settled down and started a family, Lam’s appeal has not diminished. In fact, he has gained a touch of maturity that adds to his charismatic persona. Whenever he mentions his wife and daughter, he can’t help but display a joyous expression, further endearing himself to the public. His image as a family man has also earned him the approval of netizens, ensuring that his popularity remains strong, particularly in mainland China, where he consistently draws massive crowds wherever he goes.

    Recently, Lam made a dashing appearance at a water park event in Guangzhou, donning a white prince-like outfit. Despite the event being besieged by a heavy downpour, the enthusiasm of the attendees remained undeterred. As Lam arrived, dressed in his eye-catching and minimalist attire, the waiting crowd and fans erupted in ecstatic screams, creating a truly electrifying atmosphere.

    The continuous screams filled the air, undeterred by the rain that showed no signs of stopping. However, the inclement weather did not dampen anyone’s spirits. True to his down-to-earth nature, Lam interacted with the passionate fans and visitors along the way, waving and greeting them with a warm smile. He even proactively shook hands with them. Throughout the event, Lam stood under an umbrella, patiently waiting alongside the crowd, regardless of how long the hosts took to introduce him. This humble and approachable attitude earned him high praise from netizens, as he demonstrated zero signs of celebrity airs.