HK actor Nicholas Tse reveals relationship priorities at “Customs Frontline” promotion event

    Nicholas Tse

    6th July 2024 – (Shanghai) Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, continues to attract public attention with his stable relationship with girlfriend Faye Wong. Recently, Tse attended a promotional event for his new film “Customs Frontline” in mainland China, where he engaged in interactive sessions with the audience. During one such interaction, a fan suddenly brought up the topic of Wong. The fan asked Tse, “If your loved one and your boss were in a conflicting relationship, would you choose to help your loved one or prioritise your boss?” In response, Tse replied, “I would first resolve the conflict with my boss and then spend peaceful days with you. I believe the two are not mutually exclusive, but proper time management is essential.” The fan, delighted by his answer, remarked, “I’m sure Faye (Wong) would love this response.” The playful atmosphere prompted Tse to blush and shyly turn away, exclaiming, “There’s no escaping this situation!”

    Interestingly, this isn’t the first time such a scenario has occurred. During the premiere of the film “Customs Frontline,” Tse was asked if he noticed the resemblance between Wong’s recent appearance and his own. Initially unaware, Tse’s surprise was evident when his co-star Jacky Cheung exclaimed, “You’re so bold! How could you not notice?” Realising his oversight, Tse quickly responded, “I didn’t know which look they were referring to!”