HK actor Nicholas Tse aims to conquer 452-meter KLCC Twin Towers in a daring challenge inspired by Sean Connery

    Nicholas Tse

    11th July 2024 – (Kuala Lumpur) Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, alongside director Herman Yau, made a whirlwind promotional visit to Malaysia on 9th July for Emperor Motion Pictures’ latest film “Customs Frontline.” It marked their return to the country after a six-year hiatus. Tse’s star power was evident as over 2,000 enthusiastic fans flocked to the event, causing the outdoor square to be packed to the brim. The organizers even arranged a fan confession session, where a devoted fan who had supported Tse for 25 years requested a photo with him. Initially, Tse considered saving it for next time, but moved by the overwhelming emotions from the crowd, he graciously descended from the stage to fulfill the fan’s wish. Tse also expressed his joy in collaborating with renowned singer Jacky Cheung. However, he firmly stated that they would not perform a duet, although he revealed his strong desire to act in a comedy alongside Cheung.

    Tse, who also serves as the film’s action director, emphasised his commitment to performing all the action scenes himself, putting his life on the line. When asked about handling dangerous situations, Tse responded, “It’s precisely because of the risks involved that I ensure everyone’s safety using my trusted team. When it comes to danger, I feel secure. If it’s not safe, I wouldn’t shoot those scenes. We made extensive preparations and test shots before filming to ensure a high level of confidence.” Yau acknowledged Tse’s passion for action films and entrusted him with the responsibility of action direction.

    With a hint of humour, Tse expressed his desire to possess superpowers after completing “Customs Frontline.” He jokingly said, “While I’m fighting underwater, I really want to surface and watch the playback after the director shouts ‘Cut.’ But it’s impossible for me to resurface and then dive back into the water. Having the ability to duplicate myself would be a fantastic power.” When discussing future action sequences, Tse revealed his ultimate challenge: “If given the opportunity, I would definitely film a scene climbing the KLCC Twin Towers, which stand at a towering height of 452 meters.” He referred to the audacious feat performed by Sean Connery in the movie “Entrapment” and expressed his willingness to undertake such an endeavour if the Malaysian government would permit it.