HK actor Michael Wong takes the reins as President of Macao Professional Golfers Association

    Michael Wong

    22nd February 2024 – (Macao) The Macao Professional Golfers Association (MPGA) has appointed acclaimed actor and avid golfer Michael Wong as its new president. With a five-year plan in motion, the association aims to position Macao as an international golfing destination.

    During a press conference held at the Macau Golf and Country Club, the MPGA unveiled its ambitious agenda for the upcoming year. Among the initiatives are a tuition program catering to aspiring golfers, exclusive golf days featuring PGA professionals and celebrities, the inaugural MPGA Ladies Day, and the highly anticipated MPGA Pro-Am event.

    An exciting highlight on the horizon is the MPGA’s first Pro-Celebrity golf tournament, scheduled for 2025. This star-studded event will bring together PGA golf professionals and renowned celebrities, further elevating the status of golf in Macao.

    The association is committed to dispelling the notion that golf is an exclusive sport, focusing instead on inclusivity. Michael Wong expresses the MPGA’s vision, stating, “Our objective is to collaborate with the community and introduce professional golf to Macao on a broader scale. We aim to implement programs in schools, providing opportunities for aspiring players to learn and engage in the sport.”

    Ian Roberts, chairman of the MPGA’s supervisory board, emphasises the importance of cultivating interest in golf from a young age. He believes that by introducing children to the fundamentals of the game, golf can shed its elitist image and become accessible to all. Roberts affirms, “Once a child discovers the joy of hitting a golf ball, they will realise that this game is for everyone.”

    Established in 2006 by the late Charles Lo, former president of the Sports and Olympic Committee of Macau, and current member council chairman Keith Lawson, the MPGA has embarked on a new approach by enlisting a celebrity figure like Michael Wong. Lawson explains that the objective extends beyond golf itself, aiming to promote the sport to a wider audience. He adds, “By having Michael on board, along with promising local professional golfer Ronnie Hun, we hope to inspire the younger generation and cultivate homegrown talent.”

    Having participated in numerous tournaments in the past, Michael Wong holds a strong desire to organise more international championships in the coming year, where he can compete against renowned international figures and skilled golfers. He views golf as an excellent sport, providing an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones. As a devoted father, he sees it as a perfect activity for bonding with his children. Wong also recognises golf as a sport that promotes both physical and mental well-being. He asserts, “I find golf to be highly challenging. With perseverance, one can improve daily and gain respect from their peers.” Wong’s second daughter, Irisa Wong, has also been influenced by her father’s passion and dedication. She spent three years studying golf at a golf school, and with her long limbs and natural talent, she has become quite the golf prodigy, inheriting her father’s skills. When asked who plays better between the two, Michael humbly responded, “Irisa has a stronger foundation, and her swing is more refined than mine. Ha-ha!”