HK actor Michael Tao delights fans at meet-and-greet event in Yangzhou

    Insert picture: Michael Tao

    27th May 2024 – (Yangzhou) Hong Kong actor, Michael Tao, aged 60, who has starred in numerous classic television dramas, recently held a fan meet-and-greet event in Yangzhou. A large crowd of middle-aged women showed up to support the actor. Tao took to the stage to sing Andy Lau’s “Love You for Ten Thousand Years” and distributed autographed photos on the spot. In the footage, several middle-aged female fans rushed onto the stage, fervently vying for Tao’s autographed photos. They surrounded him, resulting in a chaotic scene with pushing and shoving. Even the staff had difficulty controlling the situation, and one of the cameramen exclaimed, “It’s getting intense!”

    Fortunately, Tao, being accustomed to large-scale events, managed to handle the situation calmly. After distributing the autographed photos, the female fans dispersed, and Tao continued singing with composure, displaying his professionalism. Tao has always had a special bond with his fans. Earlier, during a commercial event, he interacted closely with the owner of a clothing brand, exchanging fist bumps, arm touches, and handshakes, whispering secrets, and becoming a beloved figure in the industry.

    Tao began his acting career in the 1980s, affiliated with TVB. During this period, he gained the nickname “Housewife Killer” due to his immense popularity among housewives, who constitute a significant portion of the television audience in Hong Kong. This established his position as a first-rate television actor in TVB.

    In 1997, Tao joined rival network ATV after encountering contract issues with TVB. His ATV series “Flaming Brothers” surpassed TVB’s rival show at the time, marking a milestone for ATV. Apart from filming ATV series, Tao has also worked in China and Singapore. He returned to TVB in 2004 and has since starred in several television series. Contract disputes led Tao to leave TVB again in 2009, and he primarily worked in mainland China with occasional projects in Hong Kong.

    In 2021, Tao gained popularity when videos of him singing Andy Lau’s 1996 song “Reverse The Earth” in his unique voice and style resurfaced. Since 2020, Tao has been known to perform at various Chinese malls, entertaining audiences with Cantonese and Mandarin pop songs during commercial events. These videos garnered attention on platforms such as Douyin, YouTube, and caught the eye of Poki Ng from the Hong Kong boyband ERROR. This newfound fame has led to the creation of fan groups on Facebook, humorously advocating for Tao to pursue a career as a full-fledged singer. Tao has responded positively, expressing his enjoyment in entertaining people and jokingly aspiring to catch up to Louis Koo as Hong Kong’s favourite male singer at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation.