HK actor Louis Koo spends HK$4m a month to pay salaries to his staff


    22nd June 2022 – (Hong Kong) Louis Koo, Hong Kong actor, singer, film producer, philanthropist works hard to pay for salaries amounting to HK$4 million per month. He treats his staff like his own family members.

    In 2021, Koo spent HK$50mil on a luxury apartment in Ma On Shan in Hongkong’s New Territories after a feng shui master said it could boost his fortunes.

    In July 2012, Chinese microblogs caught on to the news of Koo’s low profile philanthropy in China, which became a trending topic, more and more people born in different remote rural areas found that local elementary schools were built with donation of Koo, and upload photos to the microblogs. Major Chinese dailies further reported that he had helped build 49 schools to help the underprivileged in remote areas in rural China for the past three years without any publicity. Koo was reluctant to comment on the issue but it was learnt that Koo set up his charity foundation after witnessing the devastation from the Sichuan earthquake in 2008.  According to “Grace charity” website,  Koo has helped build 97 elementary school buildings, 18 clinics and 751 small water supply projects in remote undeveloped areas of rural China through “Grace Charity Foundation Limited” and local government by 2017.

    Koo is also a UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) ambassador since 2007.