HK actor Lee Lung-kei finally meets his fiancée Chris, insisting on believing in his girlfriend and says she’s innocent

    Lee Lung-kei spoke to reporters today.

    21st February 2024 – (Hong Kong) 73-year-old local actor Lee Lung-kei made a hasty return to Hong Kong, rushing to the correctional facility to visit his fiancée, Chris Wang, who is currently detained on charges of violating residency conditions twice, forging documents related to two educational institutions, and other charges, amounting to a total of six offences. Determined to support his fiancée, Lee Lung-kei adjusted his schedule multiple times. Besides changing his flight from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to an earlier one this morning, he also received a notification from the Correctional Services Department to complete identity verification procedures at Tai Lam Centre for Women before 12 noon, in order to meet his fiancée as soon as possible.

    Arriving with his luggage in tow, Lee Lung-kei was immediately swarmed by a large group of waiting media. When asked if Chris had purchased daily necessities, he responded negatively. When questioned about any investigation by the Immigration Department, Lee Lung-kei stated, “I haven’t received anything. (What if Chris gets deported?) I haven’t thought about it. We have to accept reality. Chris’ family still doesn’t know about her situation.” With that, he hurriedly left.

    Lee Lung-kei’s fiancée, Chris, is currently detained at Tai Lam Centre for Women. She is facing charges of violating residency conditions twice and is involved in a total of six offences. Lee Lung-kei finally returned to Hong Kong today, visibly concerned about the possibility of Chris being deported to mainland China.

    Eager to see Chris, around 11am, Lee Lung-kei arrived at Tai Lam Centre for Women. As soon as he stepped out of the car, he burst into tears, covering his face with a handkerchief, and signed in at the correctional facility. Speaking to the media, Lee Lung-kei revealed that he believes he is experiencing a run of bad luck due to his zodiac sign. Originally, he had planned to return to Hong Kong in the afternoon around 4 or 5pm. However, upon receiving notification from the correctional facility that Chris needed daily necessities, he hastily changed his travel plans: “I have been following Chris’ case, but I never expected it to escalate to this extent. I thought it was just a minor issue of expired residency. I had no idea that her documents were forged, nor have I seen any of her certificates… Whatever Chris says, I believe her. As her fiancé, if I don’t trust her and question everything, it’s not showing her respect. So, I choose to believe her.” Lee Lung-kei emphasised once again that he is not angry with Chris but rather frustrated that she didn’t consult with him about any of these matters.

    Lee Lung-kei burst into tears as soon as he got out of the car. He was anxious to see Chris and immediately signed in at the correctional facility. He expressed his desire to console her and promised to marry her once she is released: “I told her not to pay attention to what others say because I know her intentions are genuine. I believe that Chris will learn from this harsh lesson and become a better person. She will consult me about everything, and she has also apologized to me, feeling that she has burdened me. She is definitely not with me for money. The seven-storey property is registered under my ex-wife’s name, so I don’t own any property, and I don’t have much cash. For Chris to stay with me under these circumstances proves that she believes I am the right man.” Regarding Chris’ previous engagement in the United States, Lee Lung-kei stated that he was acquainted with her ex-boyfriend and claimed that Chris and her ex had an incompatible relationship, providing evidence that Chris only started dating him after breaking up with her previous partner.

    Regarding the six charges against Chris, Lee Lung-kei believes her chances of success are slim: “But that flight certificate, Chris was deceived. Chris genuinely paid for the flight ticket, and I had no idea the certificate was fake. (Will you sue the other party?) The person has disappeared without a trace.” Lee Lung-kei expressed his intention to fight for Chris’ bail and stated that he will continue his work as usual, including filming in Japan in the near future. Despite online criticism labelling Chris as a liar, Lee Lung-kei continues to choose to believe his girlfriend: “I won’t investigate further. As her fiancé, I believe I can change Chris.” As for Chris’ claim of entering Hong Kong through a talent program, Lee Lung-kei firmly believes that his girlfriend had indeed applied: “I think maybe during the pandemic, Chris wanted to stay with me for a longer period, so she resorted to “unconventional” methods to remain in Hong Kong.