HK actor Lee Lung-kei distressed as fiancée remains in custody, reveals Chris Wang feels unburdened post-detention


    20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The fiancée of Lee Lung-kei, 36-year-old Chris Wang, faced the music in a Hong Kong courtroom today. Accused of overstaying her visa among six charges, Wang’s request for bail was denied, with a mandate for custody until a further hearing on April 16. Lee, working in Guangzhou, conveyed through a media interview that his partner’s detention was a weight off her shoulders, despite the challenging circumstances.

    Lee Lung-kei and his fiancée Chris Wang have often been pictured as a devoted couple, but now face an arduous legal battle. Following the court’s decision to remand Wang, Lee, in an emotional exchange with the press, expressed a sense of helplessness. The news of the legal developments came to him through the media, underscoring his detachment from the events. Lee shared that while he believes in accountability for one’s actions, the news of Wang’s arrest brought her a sense of relief.

    The media have in the past highlighted inconsistencies in Wang’s statements, painting a picture of a relationship underpinned by trust now tested by legal woes. Lee expressed regret that Wang did not come clean sooner, positing that a more proactive approach, such as seeking legal counsel for a voluntary surrender, might have been prudent.

    In a tearful admission, Lee expressed remorse, feeling partly responsible for Wang’s predicament. He alluded to her fears about their age difference and his ability to be with her in the long term as potential factors driving her decisions. The gravity of the situation has left Lee deeply saddened.

    Lee, who frequently travels to the mainland for work, was surprised by the immigration charges against Wang, noting that they had previously travelled together without any issues. He plans to seek further legal advice upon his return to Hong Kong to understand the allegations of document fraud levelled against his fiancée.