HK actor Gallen Lo outshines Raymond Lam in Malaysia, the charismatic veteran steals the spotlight

    Gallen Lo Ka-leung

    17th September 2023 – (Kuala Lumpur) HK actors Raymond Lam Fung and Gallen Lo Ka-leung, along with other celebrities, have recently been in Malaysia filming the TV drama “Modern Dynasty Part 2: War of Others.” While Raymond Lam and Sherming Yiu have been spotted by fans in Malaysia on several occasions, most interactions have been from a distance due to the nature of the filming. However, after completing their scenes, Raymond Lam, Gallen Lo, and Candice Yu, along with the production crew, went to a local restaurant to have a meal. A large number of diners recognised the stars and eagerly took photos and videos. Some even shared their experiences on social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu. Netizens praised Gallen Lo for his impressive presence, overshadowing Raymond Lam. It is evident that experience and maturity give Gallen Lo the upper hand.

    Raymond Lam went directly to a private room without engaging with fans.

    During their time in Malaysia filming “Modern Dynasty Part 2: War of Others,” Raymond Lam and Gallen Lo, who is known for his popularity, were seen together. However, Gallen Lo’s charisma clearly outshone Raymond Lam’s. After the cast and crew finished shooting, they visited a restaurant where they were recognized by numerous diners. Gallen Lo, who is 60 years old and 17 years older than Raymond Lam, received more attention from fans. He graciously shook hands and chatted with them, while Raymond Lam went directly to a private room without engaging with fans. Even Candice Yu, who is also a well-known figure, didn’t receive as much attention as Gallen Lo. This incident once again showcased Gallen Lo’s enduring popularity and his return to the forefront of the industry.