HK actor Donnie Yen’s wife, Cissy Wang, celebrates 43rd birthday with star-studded party


    23d April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Cissy Wang, the wife of renowned actor Donnie Yen, recently celebrated her 43rd birthday with a series of parties organized by her friends in the entertainment industry. The festivities have been ongoing, with several celebrities joining in the celebrations. Ray Lui’s wife, Yang Xiaojuan, shared a video on social media, accompanied by a heartfelt message: “Wishing you a happy birthday! May you be healthy and beautiful! May time change, but you remain the same. Wishing you gentleness and strength, kindness with an edge. Have a joyful day!”

    In the video, besides Cissy Wang’s mother and her sister, Irene Wang, many friends were in attendance, including Ray Lui and his wife Yang Xiaojuan, Niki Chow and her husband Fu Hongming, Shirley Cheung and her boyfriend Calvin Lo, and businesswoman Pollyanna Chu. Calvin Lo is a Hong Kong businessman who claimed to be a billionaire, has been exposed as a fraud after a damning exposé by Forbes magazine discredited his outlandish claims of wealth and success

    It’s worth noting that Niki Chow, who surprised everyone in 2018 by announcing her marriage to Mainland Chinese actor Fu Hongming, has been relatively low-key about their relationship. Although she occasionally shares candid photos of herself and their child on Instagram, the couple rarely appear together publicly, only making appearances at select gatherings. This time, however, Niki Chow and her husband Fu Hongming were seen together, happily posing for pictures, displaying their strong bond.

    From left to right: Calvin Lo, Shirley Cheung, Cissy Wang, Donnie Yen and Irene Wang.