HK actor Chow Yun-fat caught by fans while jogging on Shanghai’s Bund


    8th June 2023 – (Shanghai) The highly anticipated film “Be WaterMy Friend” starring veteran HK actor Chow Yun-fat and HK actress Anita Yuen is set to premiere in Mainland China on 21st June. Recently, Chow Yun-fat flew to Shanghai and was spotted jogging along the Bund. Many fans were excited to catch a glimpse of the legendary actor and managed to snap some photos with him.

    In the photos, Chow Yun-fat is seen wearing all black and jogging with a group of friends. When he takes a break, fans approach him for photos, and he happily obliges, even offering to take selfies with them. One fan who is also a photography enthusiast shared his experience of meeting Chow Yun-fat, saying, “I was taking photos at the Bund in Shanghai when I bumped into Chow Yun-fat. I was about to take a photo of him when he asked me to give him my phone instead. He took a selfie with me. It turns out that he is not only a famous actor but also a talented photographer.”

    In fact, Chow Yun-fat is known to be a passionate photographer and has held several photography exhibitions. He also collects antique cameras and is always willing to take photos with fans, often taking the initiative to take selfies himself to ensure the best angle and lighting. In past interviews, Chow Yun-fat has revealed that he prefers to take selfies because when fans take photos of him from below, it can create an unflattering double chin effect.

    Chow Yun-fat has always been popular with fans for his down-to-earth personality and approachability, despite his status as one of Hong Kong’s biggest movie stars. His willingness to take selfies with fans and engage with them has only increased his popularity.