HK actor Chan Wing Chun used to take up plumbing as side job due to low pay in TVB

    TVB actor Chan Wing Chun and wife.

    24th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) 67-year-old Hong Kong actor Chan Wing Chun recently revealed the struggles he faced as a newcomer in the Hong Kong film industry. During a recent talk show, Chan shared that he used to work several jobs to make ends meet, including driving a taxi, minibus, and van, as well as working as an air-conditioning technician and plumber. If he had consecutive days off, he would lead tour groups overseas. He explained that his financial situation was the reason why he preferred to take on supporting roles, as they had fewer scenes to shoot and allowed him more time to work on his side jobs.

    When asked to comment on his time with TVB, Chan acknowledged that being an actor in Hong Kong was not easy. He compared his pay in China, where he worked for ten days, to his annual salary at TVB. Despite the hardships he faced, Chan persevered and now keeps some mementos from those difficult years.

    Chan considered leaving TVB to develop his career in China after receiving an offer from a talent agency. However, he chose to stay in Hong Kong to take care of his wife, actress Helen Ng, who suffers from dermatomyositis, a rare disease that causes muscle weakness and skin rash. Chan’s first wife passed away from a stroke in 2010. In 2014, he met Ng on the set of TVB drama Gilded Chopsticks, and the couple got married in 2018.

    Chan’s story highlights the challenges faced by many newcomers in the film industry, especially in Hong Kong, where the competition is fierce. Many actors struggle to make ends meet and have to take on side jobs to support themselves. However, Chan’s perseverance and dedication to his craft eventually paid off, and he has become a successful actor with a significant following.