HK actor Bosco Wong spotted by fans in local ramen shop, showcasing down-to-earth lifestyle

    Bosco Wong

    23rd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Bosco Wong, known for his dual career in television and film, has been gaining popularity in mainland China in recent years. While his professional achievements continue to soar, his personal life has also attracted attention. Renowned for his astute investment choices and business ventures, Bosco has amassed a substantial fortune, with properties in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Southeast Asia. With an estimated net worth of over a hundred million, he has acquired multiple properties, including eight or nine in Southeast Asia and three units in Sha Tin’s Jubilee Garden.

    Despite his substantial wealth, Bosco maintains a modest and low-key lifestyle. Recently, he was spotted by Mainland netizens in a humble Japanese ramen shop in Hong Kong, where he graciously posed for photos with fans. Dressed in a simple sporty outfit, complete with a baseball cap and a black and green windbreaker, Bosco appeared without makeup, showcasing his natural appearance. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed some loose threads on his clothes, further highlighting his down-to-earth nature.

    Fans praised Bosco’s handsome and friendly demeanour, recounting their fortunate encounter with him. One netizen enthusiastically shared their experience, stating that they purposely waited for a while to secure a seat with a view, and just as they began enjoying their ramen, Bosco approached them with a smile. Initially sceptical, they discreetly confirmed his identity with the restaurant staff, who confirmed it was indeed Bosco. Overjoyed, the netizen wasted no time in pulling their daughter away from her meal to capture a memorable photo together. They described Bosco as incredibly handsome and exceptionally nice, expressing their gratitude for such a fortunate day.